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About Me

Albrecht Volk

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Albrecht Volk, I am a qualified web developer based in Edinburgh.

I grew up in the South of Germany and spent the majority of my life in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. After countless holidays in Scotland I finally moved permanently to Scotland at the beginning of 2007.

I live in a former mining village in Midlothian near Edinburgh in Scotland. I am married to my lovely wife Jennifer. How she puts up with me is a mystery to me.


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I have university degrees in Modern Languages and in Computing. I graduated from Munich University where I studied English and German for teaching in Secondary Schools in 1999. More recently, in 2011, I graduated with Honours in Web Technology from Edinburgh Napier University.

My education


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I have a wide range of web development skills including the use of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop and Flash. I am also familiar with a range of content management systems and web publishing platforms such as WordPress.

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About the Background picture


The background photo shows the rooftops of Edinburgh and its castle as seen from Merchiston, in the South of Edinburgh. It was taken on a sunny afternoon in early autumn 2010.

How do you pronounce my name?


Even in Germany Albrecht is not a very common first name and many people get my name mixed up with Albert, so I have started to answer to that as well.

If you are familiar with the phonetic alphabet this is how you pronounce Albrecht: [ˈalbʁɛçt]. Else imagine how someone would say "It's a beautiful, bright moonlit night" in the Scots language: "It's a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht". Substitute "braw, bricht" with "Albrecht" and you're basically there.


"Volk" ([ˈfɔlk]) means "people" in German (e.g. in "Volkswagen", the "people's car"). It is a fairly common surname in Alemannic parts of Germany (primarily the South-West). The "V" in Volk is pronounced as an "F". The whole name is pronounced similar to the English word "folk", except that the "l" gets pronounced in full.


1991 Mini Cooper RSP

Other than things to do with the World Wide Web I love music, am an amateur photographer and like cooking, Jamie Oliver style (ie. not too complicated).

I have recently taken up gardening and am very fond of classic cars. I drive a 20 year old red Mini Cooper - the classic model, not the humongous new version.

Edinburgh Princes Street Edinburgh Castle Ross Fountain Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh
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