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This page contains a sample of animation projects I have produced over the years. Animation is more of a hobby for me, but it's a good skill to have.

I have made both 2D animations as well as 3D animations using a variety of authoring tools.

Most examples require a Flash enabled browser.

Pigs can fly

"Helium" is a short 2D animation with sound effects (approx. 1 minute long) aimed at children. It contains a pair of cheeky rabbits who manage to put a clown in dire straits. The film is set in Scottish countryside and features a flying pig, what more can you ask?

Screen capture from 2D animation movie Helium

The animation was authored in Adobe Flash CS4 from an animatic and a storyline I had produced myself. It's harder than you would think to try and tell a story in under one minute.

I produced a slightly shorter version without the preloader movie at the start of the film and the "play again" button on the final frame to be shown on the BBC Big Screen at Edinburgh's Festival Square in 2010. That summer was a bit of a washout unfortunately, so I do not know if it has ever been screened there.

Start film

Renewable Energy Trailer

This was an exercise in the design, development and testing of a short 3D animation. I used the software Carrara 6.

The subject of the animation is wind energy. It is not a very complex piece of animation, but the picturesque setting, the calm mood of the scene and the old-fashioned background music work together nicely.

News Reel Intro

My 3D animation of a TV news intro containing a variety of animation, camera and lighting techniques as well as different types of models such as a satellite which I modelled from scratch, a globe and a text object. This film has no sound.

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