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Flash Applications

The examples on this page require a Flash enabled browser else they won't work.

Matching Pairs Game of Edinburgh

This is a small memory game I developed using Flash and ActionScript 3.0. I used my own photos of Edinburgh. Click on any two cards at a time and try to match them up in as few moves as possible.

Morningside Clock

On the bottom of Morningside Road stands a beautiful old clock from the early 20th century. This is my attempt at recreating it as an animation in Flash. It should show the right time. I have taken some artistic liberty: the original clock doesn't show the seconds. I hope the locals will forgive me.

Space Shooter

A working, but slightly unfinished shooting game. Click once on the game to activate the keyboard controls. Press the left [←], right [→], up [↑] and down [↓] arrow keys on your keyboard to move the space craft and the blank space [Space] tab to shoot your laser. I never got round to adding a timer, so it goes on forever and you cannot die, no matter how often you get hit.

Flash ePortfolio

This is a Flash Portfolio produced entirely in Flash and ActionScript 3.0 (please click here to open it in a new window/tab).

Flash Portfolio by Albrecht Volk

Bouncing Balls

A fun, if slightly pointless application. Click anywhere on the square below.

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